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Turnaround Time


COIL makes every effort to get back client results within a reasonable timeframe.  This is dependant on several factors including number of samples being sent in for analysis, current sample queue, type of sample, seasonal work schedules, etc. 

Below is list of typical turnaround times for specific analyses:

Carbon and Nitrogen solid sample measurement
(1-500 samples): 4 – 6 weeks
(501-1000 samples): 6– 8 weeks
(over 1000 samples):  8 – 10 weeks

Oxygen and Hydrogen solid sample measurement
(1-1000 samples):  4 – 8 weeks
(over 1000 samples):  8 – 10 weeks

CO2 gas sample measurement
(1-1000 samples):  5 – 7 weeks

N2 gas sample measurement
(1-1000 samples):  5 – 7 weeks

We don’t recommend sending in more than 1000 gas samples at a time as the samples need to be analyzed within a relatively quick timeframe

Please contact COIL for specific turnaround time relating to water samples.

Please Note: Turnaround times take into account the possibility of instrument related downtime. Under ideal conditions, sample turnaround times can be significantly accelerated.  These turnaround times are subject to change.