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Submission Requests


Please direct all requests and/or questions to Kim Sparks before sending samples. Be sure to take time to ensure samples are packaged correctly and that the necessary precautions have been taken (i.e. frozen samples packed with dry ice). It is recommended that a secure carrier be used for shipping samples, so that you can track samples in case they do not arrive at COIL in a timely manner. Make sure samples meet prep guidelines. Please direct all sample packages to the following address:

Kim Sparks
Lab Manager
Lab: (607) 254-1382
Fax: (607) 255-8088

Send Shipments to:
E440 Corson Hall
Tower Road
Ithaca NY 14853
Attn: COIL

Please use the following links to download a copy of the sample submission sheet:

Excel Spreadsheet Format (194 KB)
Portable Document Format (PDF) (29 KB)


Please note that COIL will not return samples unless specified beforehand.

If you would like your samples returned to you, be sure to include your account number for your specified carrier.