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Cornell Isotope Laboratory Staff



Kimberlee L. Sparks

Laboratory Manager
Research Support Specialist II
Lab: (607) 254-1382
Office: (607) 254-4209
Fax: (607) 255-8088
Corson Hall E409

Kimberlee Sparks

Kim joined the COIL technical staff in July 2004 and is responsible for daily operation of the Delta Plus IRMS and assisting researchers with sample preparation. She began studying biology at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (B.S. 1997) and continued to study plant ecology at Washington State University (M.S. 2000). From Washington State she moved to the University of Colorado, Boulder, working as a technician in the sub-alpine forest zone of the Rocky Mountains. She was primarily involved with quantifying the terrestrial carbon pools associated with an Ameriflux tower. In 2002 she began working at Cornell University as a Research Support Specialist. Her research includes a variety of topics focusing on the interaction of plants and their environment. In particular she has studied plant geographical range characteristics, effects of ozone on photosynthesis, plant ability to use gaseous reactive nitrogen compounds, and nitrogen cycling in the Mojave Desert and southern Florida. She has continued to gain valuable experience by attending seminars such as Light Element Isotopic Analysis (Cornell University, Tom Brenna) and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (Michigan State University, Nathanial Ostrom and Peggy Ostrom).

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Current Student Workers and Interns

Tara Brackley -- Research Assistant II
Tara is a senior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences majoring in Biological Sciences with the intention of going to medical school after graduation.  She has been with COIL since fall of 2007.  Outside of classes and work, Tara enjoys playing the flute, going swimming and baking.  Tara is from Marcellus, NY.

Bill Frederick -- Research Assistant II
Bill Frederick
Bill is currently a junior in Cornell's college of engineering, majoring in chemical engineering. He has been working in COIL since early 2008 as a student lab tech. He enjoys mountain biking, downhill skiing, camping, and hiking, and he is an active member of Cornell's Delta Tau Delta. Bill is originally from the Boston area and has worked there the past two summers as an intern in different locations.