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Prices and Services


The following price list is an overview of the types of analysis provided by COIL. Prices reflect current academic and commercial standards and are subject to change over time. Make sure to check updated prices before submitting samples. If there are special requests or needs in regards to a specific type of sample analysis, please e-mail Kim Sparks or contact the lab at: (607) 254-1382.


2015-2016 Pricelist

Continuous Flow Analysis
Fee Per Sample*
Cornell University/
Federal User
External User
Elemental Analyzer
δ13C and/or δ15N (% Element included)
% Element only (%C and %N)
Enriched δ13C, δ15N , Acidified filters, or Large (>50mg) Soil Samples
High Temperature Elemental Analyzer
Solid Samples
δ18O and/or δ2H (% Element included)
Water Samples
δ18O and/or δ2H
Gas Bench/PreCon
Gas Samples (In Exetainer Vials)
δ13C from CO2
δ13C from CO3
δ15N from N2
δ13C from CH4
Call for details
δ15N from N2O
Call for details
Water Samples (via equilibration)
δ18O or δ2H


Same rates apply for duplicates
QAQC Standards included in cost
Reduced rates (10%) may be offered for sample batches greater than 200
All prices in US dollars
Graduate student rates available (inquire with Lab Manager)
Additional fees required for in-house preparation


We are capable of making measurements via dual inlet. Some of these applications include gases or liquids prepared into sealed quartz tubes.

In-House Preparation Prices

Sample Weighing (Natural Abundance Samples)
$1 / sample
Sample Weighing (Enriched Samples)
$1 / sample
Cryogenic Grinding
$3 / sample
Mortar/Pestle Grinding
$2 / sample
Lipid Extraction
$3 / sample
Collagen or Bioapatite Extraction
$4 / sample
Extraction Line (e.g. Cellulose)
$40 / hour
Gas/Water Preparation Line
$40 / hour
Method Development
$80 / hour