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November 2009
COIL Laboratory Manager
Art Kasson has left for a new position after managing COIl for nearly 8 years! Kim Sparks will be taking over as the new COIL manager effective November 23rd, 2009. We wish Art the best in his new move and Kim the best in her new position!

July 2009
15th CF-IRMS Conference
This year's conference, held at Cornell University was success! Information about the conference can be found here.

February 2009
Turnaround Time
Due to instrument problems turnaround times for samples will be an extra 2-4 weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sample Template
A new user-friendly sample template has been created. The new template now makes it easier for clients to quickly input their data and send a copy to COIL via email.

CF-IRMS Website Online
The website for the upcoming CF-IRMS Workshop is now online.



July 2008
CF-IRMS Workshop
Cornell University, in conjunction with COIL, will host the 15th CF-IRMS Workshop in Ithaca, NY.  Tentative dates are June 28th 2009 through July 1st 2009.

June 2008
New Hire
Mark Jandricic was hired as a technician to take over the day-to-day operations of the Delta Plus IRMS.

FIRMS inter-laboratory isotope measurement comparison
COIL has taken part in the 4th FIRMS inter-laboratory isotope measurement comparison.  Results will be available in August 2008.

CF-IRMS Workshop
Art Kasson attended the 14th CF-IRMS Workshop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

May 2008
Gasbench II Now Available!
After several months of calibration on the Gasbench II (the newest device interfaced to the Delta V IRMS) both N2 and CO2 gas measurements are available.

February 2008
Gasbench II Calibration
Calibration of Gasbench II begins.

Love is in the air...I love isotopes!
On February 14th (Valentine’s Day) Kim Sparks declares her love of isotopes!

January 2008
The PreCon device was plumbed into the Delta V IRMS.  The plan is to calibrate this device for both CH4 and N2O analysis by the end of the year.